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Junior Church

Junior Church Teachers

Junior Church meets on the 4th Sunday of each month at 10.15am in the church hall. All children from the age of 3 upwards are welcome. Parents of the very young children often choose to stay with them and join in. 

Currently we have three leaders all of which are DRB checked. 

The children divide in to groups according to age. The session consists of Bible teaching which is accompanied by various activities to help the children understand and remember what they have learned. These activities include games, craft, worksheets, puzzles, acting, singing and anything else that we can think of to make the session fun.  

We have a notice board in the hall where we display work although often children choose to take it home. 

Prayer time is important to the children with the younger children enjoying selecting picture prayer cards. 

Towards to end of the session everyone goes into the church to join the adults to share what they have learnt and join in with Holy Communion. 

Annually, usually in September each child is presented with a book to encourage them and acknowledge their attendance. 

The Nativity production is always a highlight of the year. Every child has the opportunity to participate. This event is always appreciated by the church. 

Our aim is to provide a positive experience of church life and to help them to grow in faith.   

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