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Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals


At St Martins URC we offer infant and believers' baptism. Infant baptism is when parents bring their child to be baptised (sometimes call "christening"). Believer's' baptism is when a person seeks baptism for themselves either as an adult or a child of an age where they can make the promises for themselves. Baptism is a one off event and within the United Reformed Church cannot be repeated. If a person was baptised as a baby and then chooses, because of a faith conversion, wishes to be baptised again they cannot do so. They can, however, renew their baptismal promises made on their behalf when a baby. Baptism is for families who feel they can commit to regular attendance at Church. The promises the parents/guardians make before God on behalf of their child(ren) presuppose attendance at Church after the baptism. 

The other service offered to families is a "thanksgiving for the birth of a child" service. This may be when the parents wish to give thanks to God for their child but cannot commit to regular attendance at worship. It may equally be that a parent does not believe in infant baptism but wishes to have a service to mark the birth of a child which is an amazing gift from God to any parents. 


The wedding service that is offered is a Christian act of worship. We believe people who want to marry in Church want to do so in the presence of God and we believe that God wants to bless your marriage. We do not offer same-sex marriages or blessings. 
If you wish to find out more about Christian Marriage then please contact Rev Graeme Allan 01273 303496.. and he will be happy to meet and discuss the process with you.



When a loved one dies it is not easy. If you want to have the funeral of a loved one  then please contact Graeme the minister on  01273 303496 or email He will be happy to speak to you about the dates and times of the services. This has to be done in conjunction with a Funeral Director that the family will usually commission. 

Anyone wishing to use the church for private services and the services of the minister please contact Rev Graeme Allan 01273 303496.

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