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Prayer Corner

On the south side of the Church, to the left of the pulpit, there is space reserved for private prayer and reflection. Here you can find resources and prayers to help you in your spiritual life and prayers for particular issues.

If you would like us to pray for you about anything please contact us and we will offer a prayer for you at the Sunday service.

There is a prayer board in the church - you are welcome to come and take a moment of quiet and put a prayer on the board. There is also prayer book where prayers can be written in.

This is available to anyone who needs to come and just sit, be quiet or pray. 

Prayer Circle.

St Martins prayer circle is a mode of prayer where people share their thoughts and prayers with other like-minded people. The circle involves leaving a message or prayer on a designated answerphone which is then passed on to subscribers via a general email message board on the internet.

For messages please telephone 01273 306288 or email

Prayer Days

St Martins occasionally set aside special days of prayer.  Some are structured and focus on particular themes. Prayer days are in a format of a church drop-in with people coming and going throughout the day as they are able, as well as praying outside of the church ie at home . We invite you to join us as we pray for our communities, the Church, ourselves, and the world.

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